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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Power of Mobile Technology

I just found an interesting article on how mobile technology has helped people to communicate in the tsunami affected region.

Cutting-Edge Telecommunications Help Reconnect Asia's Tsunami-Displaced People (or PDF)

Little did I realize the usage of mobile communication before I read this article. However, soon after reading it, suddenly all became crystal clear to me. In a calamity such as in Aceh and Sri Lanka, home phone or fixed phone network is crippled. Well, say goodbye to wired phone. The phone line was probably swept and destroyed by the massive water. Also, the device might probably submerged somewhere below the water.

With recent technology advancement, it is not impossible anymore now to communicate in such environment. When wire is not needed anymore and when people move from one place to another, wireless and mobile technology provide the answer. In fact, they have helped a lot.


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